Make HUNTER Temporary Services
Your Partner In STAFFING

Produces Results By Providing Employees That Meet

A Few of our Many Services
* Extensive Newspaper Advertising
* Safety Programs
* Customized Orientation
* Customized Billing
* Management Reports
* Office Software Training
* Group Time Cards/Sheets
* Customized Applicant Data Base
*Turnover Analysis
*Aggressive Referral Programs

Locations: HUNTER'S offices work together to create a large pool of potential candidates to meet all your staffing needs and requirements.

Testing and Screening: Every HUNTER Temporary Employee is thoroughly tested and screened to meet your specific job requirements. HUNTER uses the widely-recognized PreVisor to test and evaluate every Clerical Employee's software/computer skills, including data entry, 10 key, and speed typing. Our Industrial applicants are tested in basic math and logic skills. HUNTER will also customize our evaluating methods to meet your specific requirements.

Industrial Training: At HUNTER, we work continuously with our industrial personnel to insure they are aware of all safety procedures. HUNTER'S goal is to provide informed and safety conscious temporary employees to our valued customers.

Advertising Costs: All Recruitment advertising is managed and provided FREE for HUNTER'S clients.

Injuries: All HUNTER'S Employees are insured for "on-the-job" accidents & injuries with the State of OHIO Bureau of Workers' Compensation. We complete all paperwork required by the Bureau.

NO Unnecessary Paperwork: HUNTER manages the associated administrative functions, including payroll and compliance with federal and state requirements.

Invoicing: HUNTER invoices weekly out of a centralized location.